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To your success.


Hello friends,

Discover the products of GWT, the next Nr.1 designer brand in the world, Feri and Feri Mosh, presented in this 7 minites video by Sanaz Hooman, Vice President Product Development

Enjoy it.


Hello friends,

I will share this with you , and discover the new way to build a team and your business
Do you recognize some details?

The Traditional Approach Doesn’t Work
You get several calls from a friend inviting you to check out a great business opportunity.
After several requests you finally give in to attending a business opportunity meeting or listening in on a conference call.
You get excited, sign-up, pay your start up fees and get started.
After several months of hard work your business has not grown and you’ve actually spent more money than you’ve made!

A New Strategic Approach Does Work: The Team Building Project

Step 1: Build your business (team) completely online.

Step 2: Select (as a team) on the best opportunity available to join.

Step 3: Join (as a team) the selected business opportunity.

Step 4: Begin earning immediate and long term residual income!

Best of all, there’s absolutely:

No Attending countless business opportunity meetings.
No Listening to hundreds of opportunity conference calls.
No Bugging your friends and family members.
No Disrupting your already busy life.
The Team Building Project shows you step-by-step how to build a large team completely online and at no cost to you.

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and …start now in … The Team Building Project … awesome.
Every day you wait is loss in time and money.


Hi Friends,
I just became a part of a Gold and Diamonds designer company expanding internationally through the worlds largest branding campaign and they asked me to invite everyone I know to learn their story through their 17 minute branding tour for a $200 gift certificate to get a beautiful $300 Christmas gift for themselves or a loved one for a $100. Would you have 17 minutes now or tomorrow?

I look forward to speak you soon.


Hello Friend and collegue-Network-Marketeer,

I recently joined the Team Building Project and though it would be a great opportunity for you as well. I now have a very real chance to position myself for long-term financial success, absolutely free! Everything you need is provided and the results are amazing.

Visit to learn more.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Hello JUMP-friends,

Six month ago I heard from this opportunity for the first time.
It is called LYONESS.
Money back with every purchase and earning money too.

I signed up a few months ago.
When you like people to inform about this awesome opportunity then call me or email me or skype me.
It will bring you a better future with a lot of fun and … easy.

So contact me and I tell you more about it.

To your success.

Johan Uitdewilligen Marketing Platform
0031-6 2687 8172
Skype: johan_uitdewilligen

Hello friends,

I posted a new update again FOR FREE from the owner of TBP The Team Building Project.
Thank you all for so many kind comments on my Blog, but …
When only a few people join my team I have to STOP informing you in this case. So take action and … join today FOR FREE.
The people who join my team stay informed and I will coach them FOR FREE when they need more information and help.

The only thing I ask is join my team FOR FREE and do what I do, … pre-build your own team FOR FREE.

For recruiting network marketers:



This is the most recent update:

Team Building Project Updates

- The back office Message Center and Business Opportunity Center have been updated.

- New and Improved ‘Quick Start’ video added to back office. Check it out!

- New qualifications for TBP Leadership Team and Power Team. Check message center for details.

- Experienced network marketers are beginning to join the TBP! That?s where you should focus your recruiting efforts.

- Check out the ‘Recruiting Methods’ link in your back office … they work!

Gano Excel Updates

- Our official launch into Gano Excel is less than 3 weeks away!

- Pre-launch excitement and momentum are continuing to build!

- 2,400 TBP members have voted ‘Yes, count me in!’

- Official sign ups begin on October 17th. Stay tuned, more details to come!

- Many TBP members are already positioned to make significant immediate and long-term income! Updates

- Their official worldwide launch is October 1st!

- They recently introduced new enhancements to their compensation plan.

- They have a new website and updated back office.

- Many TBP members have taken advantage of free coupons worth thousands of dollars.

- If you have not yet joined, log in below and join today to position yourself ahead of the explosive growth to come!

WowWe Updates

- The free video email has proven to be an effective TBP recruiting tool.

- New WowWe Business Opportunity and Compensation Overview video.

- Many TBP members have joined and upgraded to the Premium Affiliate position to earn quick start bonuses and commissions.

- Commission and fast start bonus payments have already started!

Log in below and click on the ‘Business Opportunity Center’ link for more information on our business opportunities!

New Opportunities Coming Soon!

One of the primary goals of the Team Building Project is to position each of our members to earn multiple streams of income, from multiple business opportunities in multiple countries. To achieve this goal, it is important to research and select business opportunities representing different market segments that do not compete with each other. Ideally, the opportunities should actually compliment each other!

I am currently negotiating with a few companies and hope to make some exciting announcements in the coming weeks. These new business opportunities will allow even more of our TBP members throughout Europe and Asia, as well as North and South America to participate and profit!

In the meantime keep building your TBP downline! That’s the key to positioning yourself long-term success with the Team Building Project. We have already proven the TBP system works, now it’s just a matter of time and effort to create the largest and most successful network marketing team in the world!

Very Important:

Please take a moment to log in below and cast your votes: ‘Yes, count me in!’ OR ‘Not Interested’ on each of our available business opportunities. After casting your vote you will have access to the voting results for your TBP downline members! And remember, your vote is not binding, and you can even change your vote at any time!

Best regards, to … your success
Johan Uitdewilligen Marketing Platform
Skype: johan_uitdewilligen
Tel. 0031 – 6 2687 8172

Hello friends,

More and more I am convinced that everybody has to PRE-BUILD YOUR TEAM FOR FREE and after that you join into a awesome opportunity.

You can do that with TBP The Team Buiding Project.

“I see what everibody see, but I do what (almost) nobody does”.

To your success and freedom in finance, time and fun for you and everybody you love or can help.

Join my TBP network and I will help you for free with Skype.
You will never regret.

For recruiting network marketers:



Best regards and to your success,
JUMPJohan Uitdewilligen Marketing Platform
0031-6 2687 8172
Skype: johan_uitdewilligen

Dear friends,

This company is awesome, stable, fast growing design fashion company, very good management, CEO+44 shareholders, very good education and support, beautiful products which are unique and increasing in value.

Read this review from Ted Nuijten:

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with username: johan

You will never regret, great information-link.

To your success,
Johan Uitdewilligen Marketing Platform

Dear JUMP-friends,

Thank you for all your comments. I enjoy it.
I have to tell you that I was not fast to answer all your comments.
I apologize for that.
I will answer you the coming week and … more

Best regards,
Johan Uitdewilligen Marketing Platform